Recover Files From

  • Recover files from Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Preview the recovered files prior to saving them on the storage device.
  • File Type View and Data Type View are provided to view the recovered files on the basis of its file type and hierarchical structure respectively.
  • Capable to recover files from external hard drive and sort them on the basis of name, date, size, date and file type.

There are many types of storage devices available these days which include the internal hard drive present in the computer whose storage capacity ranges from 250GB to over 2TB. These storage devices store many types of files such as media files, documents, application programs, spread sheets and many other types of files which are used in day to day life. Sometimes as a result of over-usage of the drive or due to some other reasons the files present in the storage media gets deleted or lost. These files are of great importance to us and hence they need to be recovered. Don’t let your heart out, as it is very easy to recover files from any storage device without much difficulty by using file recovery tool.

Reasons which cause the loss or deletion of files:

  1. Virus Attack: There are many ways in which virus enters our system it may be either from internet or from the infected drives. They corrupt the all the files present in the system and make them inaccessible. Certain malwares also cause deletion of particular files. To recover files from situation like virus attack, use this tool.
  2. Power Surge: Frequent power cuts while you were working on the system will cause damage to the file which was open. Even while transferring files from your system to other external drive, frequent power failures can cause loss of the files. In order to recover files from the system, you will certainly require this tool.
  3. Accidental Deletion: There are many files in the system which you use on day to day basis. Sometimes while previewing the pictures present in the system, you may accidentally select any of the images and use the “Shift+delete” command which deletes the files completely from it. Unintentionally emptying the contents present in the recycle bin can delete any important files that it had contained.
  4. Improper Shut Down: Improper shut down of system while the work is going on or the application program is still in use will result in loss of data. Sudden system crash will also cause deletion of the files present in the system. Easily recover files from the system that is improperly turned off using this efficient software..

Attractive Features that helps to recover files from storage devices :

  • Recover files from tool is able to scan the entire drive within minutes to recover files from the hard drive in case of loss or deletion.
  • Easily recover files from storage devices, deleted with the use of shift+delete command or delete command in MS-DOS.
  • Recover files from tool has the ability to identify and recover files from deleted partition based on their file signatures. Read More about delelted partition recovery
  • Provides “Save Recovery Session” feature that saves the scanning session and helps you to resume it later.
  • Recovered files can be previewed before they are saved to particular location on any storage drive.
  • Recover files from camera (especially photo files) of popular brands such as Fujifilm, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon and many more. Check out to extract more & learn how to recover files from digital cameras.

Easy steps to recover files from the system:

Step1: Download and install the software in the system by logging in as a system administrator to recover files from the storage drive. From the main screen select the “Recover Files” option.

Recover Files From - Main Screen

Step2: In the next screen, select either “Recover Deleted Files” or ”Recover Lost Files” option as per your requirement. Then select the drive to recover files from it.

Recover Files From - Select Mode Screen

Step3: Recovered files are listed in "Data TypeView" or "File Type View" and can be previewed before they are saved to another of your storage drive.

Recover Files From - Preview Screen

Tips & suggestions:

In order to recover files from a device effectively, keep the following things in mind.

  • Save your files in more than one storage device or location.
  • Install effective antivirus and protect your PC from malicious programs
  • Prevent loss of file due to power surge by using a UPS for constant power supply.